XAVAGE Releases The “Stay Xavage 2” EP

The king of trap music has returned! LA-based producer XAVAGE returns with the swagger-filled followup to his original Stay Xavage EP, bringing the bounce back to the genre. Stay Xavage 2, a hyper-charged addition to the artist’s already remarkable collection of shoulder-rocking, forward-thinking trap tuneage, is now available on Circus Records.

Stay Xavage 2 is out now and keeps feet stomping and hips swinging with sweeping 808s, sparkling synthesizers, and a whole lot of intensity. Fans will get another taste of “Hot” starring The Oshi, which will be released ahead of the complete release of the EP. “Hot” hypnotizes with a deep, juicy bassline accompanied by a silky cadence. With banging wobbles and booming percussion, this music is smooth as butter and surely keeps it hot.

The first track, “Get Down,” shows the seductive taste that XAVAGE offers to trap music. XAVAGE stays true to his moniker with this tempting party opener, expertly blending chopped vocals with a delectably chaotic battering of sound. Meanwhile, “Rattle” and “Knockin” combine trap and freeform bass components, with both songs providing a relentless hammering of computerized warbles and enormous bass waves.

Stay Xavage 2 is a refreshing reimagining of trap music from start to end. This EP is one for the books, infusing hip-hop swagger with a splash of freeform flow. Stream or download Stay Xavage 2, or listen to it below!