WTF Is Polyriddim & Why Is Every Dubstep DJ Talking About It

It’s nice to see that even now riddim is still evolving. A new song from previously unknown producer phonon has taken dubstep Twitter by storm with his new song “polyriddim,” out now on Odio Records. The typical dubstep rhythm, as it began in its earliest days, has a 4/4 time signature with the kick & snare on the one and three beats. Riddim keeps many of those same elements, while introducing a bit of a reggae influence with a swingier pattern. A polyrythm is exactly what it sounds like, a rhythm which makes use of two or more different rhythms simultaneously.

“polyriddim” smashes a polyrhythm into a traditional riddim structure to bits and has a 7/4 time signature with harmonized synths (not quite a polyrhythm, though) and it sounds… very, very different.

Not everyone will like the track. It has garnered some very divisive responses on Twitter from a variety of producers and fans alike. Some are happy to see that riddim is evolving, in any way; others give credit to phonon for trying something new, but not quite doing it in the right way. Regardless, it’s interesting to listen to at the very least.

phonon’s new track has spawned a litany of memes and Twitter conversation, from the likes of Eliminate, Modestep, Kill The Noise, Subtronics, and more.

Check it out below.

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