Wreckno And Super Future With Their Futuristic Hybrid Hip-Hop Bass Hit “Everything” Featuring DEV

In their futuristic hybrid hip-hop bass hit “Everything,” available now on Four Loko Records, Wreckno, DEV, and Super Future form an unforgettable trio. “Everything” is a show stopper that motivates and empowers with a nasty rhythm and even sicker hook — and that’s on everything — as part of Wreckno’s commitment to establish a safe place for LGBTQ+ individuals in EDM.

Collaborations like these are uncommon, yet each item complements the others well. DEV’s smooth, confident vocals, Super Future’s bass-heavy production, and Wreckno’s razor-sharp bars. Not to mention a music video worth seeing.

Stream/download: orcd.co/wreckno-everything

Wreckno, Super Future – Everything ft. DEV [Official Video]