Win and Woo Share “Walk Away” With Saint Sinner

Win and Woo, a talented artist pair and lifelong friends, are thrilled to release their new track “Walk Away” featuring vocalist Saint Sinner. The fourth and final song from their highly anticipated forthcoming album 10 Years is “Walk Away.” “Walk Away,” an upbeat pop/electronic music, transports listeners to a melodious and futuristic aural escape. Win and Woo demonstrate their musical variety and production prowess by incorporating elements from genres such as techno, house, and pop.

Saint Sinner rounds out the music with clear and soulful vocals that blend with the heavy bass. As Win and Woo prepare to enter a new territory with their upcoming debut LP, genre-crossing singles like “Walk Away” provide glimpses of the duo’s more evolved sound and style. With four songs from their new album already available, Win and Woo’s 2022 appears to be more than exciting as fans await the duo’s next huge endeavor.