Why You Should Embrace Male Baldness (And How To Do It)

What do Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, Jason Statham and Vin Diesel have in common? Sure, there’s the unquestionable acting pedigree and careers that show just how good getting typecast can be (for your wallet at least), but there’s another common denominator shared by action’s most wanted: they’re all bald men.

So they have a bald head, are immensely successful and regularly top ‘sexiest men’ lists, all of which proves you don’t need hair up top to get there. Here, we make the case for why you should embrace baldness, and the best hairstyles for balding men (they’re a thing) to do it in style.

Make The Most Of What You Have (Left)

Nothing brings the cringe quite like a man clinging to his hair for dear life (see Prince William, Billy Bob Thornton and Donald Trump). But that’s not to say if you notice your hair beginning to recede or thin slightly you need to throw the bald-headed baby out with the bathwater.

If you’re seeing more of your scalp than you used to, but you’re not quite Moby yet, there are steps that can be taken to conceal the beginnings of male pattern baldness.

Firstly, assess the damage with the help of a barber; they’ll be able to survey the fallout from all angles and advise on a style that’ll visually thicken what’s left of your thatch.

If you’re receding at the temples, go for a choppy, textured cut, says Ruffians artistic director, Denis Robinson. “This way, you can conceal the thinning at the temples by casually pushing the thicker hair over the affected areas. Avoid combing the hair back or trying to get a side parting as these styles will only accentuate thinning hair.”

“Alternatively, if you’ve got thick hair at the front and it’s just the top that’s bald, you could grow the length and then push it back over the balding spot,” adds Robinson. He does stress, however, that opting for this style comes with the risk that a sudden gust of wind from behind might reveal your secret. Still, it’s a smart way to buy yourself another few years before embracing the bald head.

Raid The Medicine Cabinet

You might also consider enlisting the hair-boosting powers of chemistry, by using a topical vasodilator (a fancy term for a group of medicines that open blood vessels to allow blood to flow more easily).

Minoxidil, more commonly known as Regaine in the UK, is one of the most popular options, or look for a prescription medication such as finasteride, both of which help prevent or even temporarily reverse pattern hair loss.

Just as you’d consult a barber before opting for a buzz, it’s worth checking in with your doctor before popping any pills or slathering on any serums.

Be Bold, Get Buzzed

While smart styling and chemical aids can slow the rate of male pattern baldness, there will come a time for many men when their head most closely resembles that weird egg you get in a carton that looks as if it might hatch at any moment. And that, friends, is your cue to get the chop.

“Treatments for thinning hair only delay the process, so it’s important to come to terms with [your baldness] at some point,” says Robinson.

Break out the clippers and take the plunge. Wash your hair, towel-dry and then with the clippers set to a grade one or two, buzz until all that’s left is stubble. For extra smoothness, follow up by applying shaving cream or oil and allowing it to soften the follicles before shaving with a clean, sharp razor, taking care to shave with the grain. This is, unsurprisingly, not for the faint of heart, so consider booking time in the barber’s chair before mistakenly scalping yourself.

The Ultimate Bald Men Bathroom Cabinet

Once you’ve joined the ranks of Hollywood’s bald men with the best hairstyle for you, you’ll need to bolster your bathroom cabinet with a few pate-enhancing products.


Since it’s more exposed skin than hair, a bald head is just as susceptible to dryness and flakiness as the skin on other parts of your body. Keep it soft and supple with a matte moisturiser.


Like the rest of your face, a bald head needs its dead skin cells sloughed off every now and then. Apply a little of whatever you use for your face to your noggin at least once a week to keep your bonce looking its best.


Being particularly susceptible to sun damage, the skin on your head should be protected from the sun’s damaging UV rays at all times. That means sunscreen in the morning and a repairing moisturiser at night. Unless, of course, you’re not too bothered about spending the summer getting mistaken for a traffic light.

Bald Men Style Tips

Frame Your Face

Going bald isn’t so much about lamenting hair loss as what hair loss does to your face. Why? Because what’s up top frames what’s in front. Those sadly not blessed with strong face shape including a 50p chin, big brows and a Roman nose, hair helps add size or angles where they weren’t before, ensuring features are highlighted or hidden as required.

If you can no longer get the stuff on your head to help, growing a beard can draw focus towards the south of your skull and add structure to otherwise moon-shaped faces.

Style It Out

With hair quite literally out of the picture, other factors such as eye colour, skin tone and facial hair colour (if you have some) become more prominent. With that in mind, it’s worth making sure whatever’s closest to your head – whether that’s a scarf, tie or shirt collar – complements your colouring.

As a rule of thumb, wear warm shades of dark colours up top if you’re pasty, or feel free to experiment if your skin is olive or dark in tone.

As for hats, wear them not as a mere cover-up, but accessories in their own right. That means no chucking on whatever battered baseball cap is hanging around in the name of ensconcing your bonce.

Take Your Cue From Men Of Note (And Not Much Hair)

Not convinced bald is the way forward? Look to some famous (and follicularly-challenged) men. From Taye Diggs and Stanley Tucci to Common and Zidane, there are plenty of A-listers who can show you how to nail the bald head look.

“In any case, if you’re comfortable and confident you’re going to be far more attractive to other people – so better to embrace it sooner rather than later,” says Robinson.