Why Natural Oils Are Great For Cracked Feet Treatment

The feet is that part of our body that hits the floor ahead of us, carries all our weight, is exposed to friction from our shoes, and is easily prone to dehydration. These are the main reasons why they crack and roughen up quickly compared to any other part of our body. Also, extremely dry weather like winter and harmattan play a big role in drying our skin which results in flaky skin, dry lips and cracked feet. Tender loving care is the only prevention for cracked feet. This means being more aware of the shoes that we wear, not standing for so long and getting a good soak and massage often.

However, these tips may not work so well for those who have already developed cracks on their feet. Luckily, there’re several remedies for cracked feet but the most effective of them all is the use of natural oils. Oils like Olive oil, Coconut oil, Sesame oil, Almond oil and Argan oil are all natural remedies with have high nutritional value and are deep moisturizing power. This means that they are great for healing cracked feet skin for a softer feel. In addition, inorganic oils like vegetable oil and oil derivatives like mentholated rub are also rich in essential moisturizing nutrients and work wonders on cracked feet.

Six Reasons Why Natural Oils Are Great For Cracked Feet Treatment

Photo: Mikhail Nilov/Pexels

Oils Contain Vitamin E

Vitamin E is an effective moisturizer that loads the skin up on much needed moisture. Yes, this moisture than can be lost to excessive dry weather conditions, thus leading to cracked feet. As a result, this vitamin is amazing when it comes to treating dry, and flaky skin. However, not only that but research also suggests that frequent use of vitamin E can also prevent skin drying out from occurring.

Rich In Beneficial Skin Care Substances

Essential oils like tea tree oil and lavender oils are trusted when it comes to revitalizing the skin. From clearing scars to soothing the skin and improving texture, these oils are super beneficial for the skin. What’s more, they have such a pleasant fragrance it’s impossible to resist them.

They Are Emollients

Have you ever wondered why oils are used during intense pedicure sessions? Of course you have! Beauticians have depended on oils for decades because of their healing and softening properties. Natural oils are effective emollients known to combat all forms of skin dehydration as well as softens the skin. Your feet will thank you plenty.

Rich Antimicrobial Properties

Oils like coconut oil have antimicrobial and anti-fungal properties. This means that they help to fight fungal and bacterial infection, especially on the feet. Considering that the feet are exposed to some not-so-cool stuff on a daily basis, they are the easiest parts of our bodies to be hit with fungal and bacterial infections. However, no need to worry as natural oils can keep this under control.

They Have Linoleic Acid

Oils are also rich in linoleic acid which helps the skin to retain its moisture. This is good news because they are as potent in locking in moisture as they are in delivering it. So, you can confidently go about your daily activities and not worry about cracked feet skin resurfacing after treatment.

They’re Good At Healing

If you’ve ever experienced cracked feet, you know that get painful and sometimes bleed. Well, that bleeding is sign of an open wound that needs immediate attention. Thankfully, oils can come to the rescue. This is because oils possess nutrients that hasten the healing process of broken skin. In addition, they are also known for their ability to speed up the cycle of closing up wounds.

Check Out These Steps On How To Heal Cracked Feet Using Natural Oils

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– Wash your feet in warm water and pat it fairly dry.
– Take a good amount of oil and apply gently on each foot.
– Massage deeply, especially paying attention to the balls and heels and other specific dry areas.
– Do not wash off. Instead roll on a pair of socks to avoid the oil from smearing on other surfaces.
– Remove socks (if this is done preferably before going to bed) in order to discover tender feet.
– Repeat daily for best results.

Featured image: Brandon Richardson | Pexels