Why Brands Embrace Black and White for Their Fall/Winter 2023 Campaigns

As the summer sun still shines brightly, fashion brands have already unveiled their Fall/Winter 2023 campaigns, and a notable trend emerges – the use of black and white imagery. This choice reflects the seasonless appeal that brands are aiming for and represents a shift in their artistic direction. Whether inspired by vintage aesthetics, iconic silhouettes, or the portrayal of strength and elegance, black and white photography is making a statement in the fashion world.

Celine’s “Portrait of an Actor”

Celine’s Fall/Winter 2023 campaign features the offspring of famous celebrities, Kaia Gerber and Levon Hawke, in a series of black-and-white portraits. Titled “Portrait of an Actor,” the campaign showcases Hawke against the backdrop of the New York City skyline, exuding a sense of urban sophistication. Gerber, on the other hand, highlights timeless pieces from the collection, including the sleek Newspaper Triomphe Bag. Creative Director Hedi Slimane’s intention behind the monochromatic imagery is to provide a focused look at the seasonal products, capturing Gerber in a series of classic, elegant looks.

Emporio Armani’s Vintage References

Emporio Armani draws inspiration from vintage magazines from the 80s for their Fall/Winter 2023-24 campaign. Photographer Gregory Harris opts for film-like black-and-white photography to emphasize Emporio Armani’s latest pieces, such as watches, accessories, and jewelry. Actor Nicolas Maupas embraces the brand’s “teddy boy aesthetic” with a leather flight jacket and round-toe boots, evoking a sense of nostalgia while maintaining a modern edge.

Versace’s Iconic Silhouettes

At Versace, the demure aesthetic takes a backseat as the brand opts for a black and white showcase that emphasizes their signature strong tailoring. Models don black ensembles with exaggerated shoulders reminiscent of the 80s-style “power-dressing,” exuding both strength and elegance. Donatella Versace explains that the campaign celebrates everything she loves about Versace: the power, the tailoring, and the attitude. Black and white images showcase the iconic silhouettes of the season, while color pictures bring the collection to life in the heart of Milan. The models on set exude a feeling of strength, empowerment, and fierceness – the very essence of Versace.

Loro Piana’s Artful Craft

Loro Piana‘s Fall/Winter 2023 campaign, captured by Glen Luchford, embodies “elegant moments” and the artful craft of living life with grace. The black and white images depict Loro Piana models in intimate settings, showcasing the relatable authenticity of their lives. This approach allows the audience to peek into their personal moments, evoking sentiment and optimism.

In conclusion, the choice of black and white photography in Fall/Winter 2023 campaigns represents a deliberate artistic direction taken by various fashion brands. Whether it’s to emphasize classic looks, evoke nostalgia, celebrate iconic silhouettes, or exude strength and elegance, the monochromatic imagery adds a timeless and powerful touch to the collections. As we head into the fall and winter seasons, the fashion world embraces the elegance and versatility of black and white.