Whipped Cream’s Dad Steps In To Shut Down The Haters On Instagram

We stan a parent who stands up for their kid. Recently, Whipped Cream’s dad, Bob Cecil, recently dove into the comments on his daughter’s Instagram to fend off some naysayers doubting her ability to really DJ.


“Is your set prerecorded?” asked @cold_world_arsonist. “U do so much jumping around how do u stay on point?”

Clearly, Bob didn’t take kindly to someone assuming his daughter wasn’t putting in the prerequisite work. He responded: “most tracks she plays will [be] from 10 sec to maybe longest 30 secon. It’s all done through beat matching feeling matching to keep the show at max throughout. The movement and being [in] shape comes from 12 years of competitive figure skating.”

Damn, Bob just laid down the truth.

Honestly, I’ve been a fan of Whipped Cream since I first saw her at HARD Summer 2017, opening up the Green tent at 12:30 and packing it out. Seeing her rise has been nothing short of enjoyable, and I’m glad she has the support from her parents, as well, to keep her motivated.

If you’re interested in seeing Whipped Cream live to see what all the fuss is about, check her tour schedule here.

Hahahahahaha my dad on Instagram talking to people who question me actually being able to DJ pic.twitter.com/WKuDPehveT


Photo via aLIVE Coverage for BUKU

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