Whipped Cream Puts Her EDC 2019 Sunrise Set Up On SoundCloud At Last

It’s been just over one month since EDC 2019 ended, and I’m still talking to people about my experience at the festival — it was a magical time to be sure. But even this far after the festival has finished, one artist is finally dropping her set on SoundCloud: Whipped Cream.

Whipped Cream at first debuted her set via Apple Music, but for those of us (like me) who didn’t have access to the platform, a SoundCloud upload is exactly what we’ve wanted. This set runs the gamut on styles, speeds, and genres, yet never slows down for even a moment to let you catch your breath.

Bringing in the sunrise at EDC is both a tough set and an honor. People have already started to leave, but it’s also one of the most beautiful moments of the day… bringing it in with Whipped Cream must have felt like a treasure. Listen to the set again below!