WHIPPED CREAM Delves Deep with Emotional EP “is this real?”

WHIPPED CREAM opens her heart and soul in her latest EP, “is this real?”, delivering a profound exploration of personal experiences and emotions through music. The EP kicks off with “real 4 me,” a poignant collaboration with BKAYE that reflects on past relationships and the inevitable question of what went wrong. Set against a backdrop of vibrant beats, the track sets the tone for a journey through emotional landscapes.

Continuing the introspection, “about you” dives into the complexities of nostalgia and longing, driven by a hyperactive beat and poignant lyrics from Showjoe. Each track unfolds as a narrative of post-breakup introspection, with “Promises” (featuring Trent Madison) delving into themes of trust and self-discovery. WHIPPED CREAM’s ethereal vocals poignantly ask, “How long until you reveal your true self?”

The EP takes a deeply personal turn with “is this real? (interlude),” where WHIPPED CREAM confronts her father’s battle with cancer. This raw, introspective track features a voicemail sample from her father, capturing moments of vulnerability and resilience.

“still” marks a turning point with its hopeful melodies and empowering lyrics, while tracks like “life is not a crime” and “love is not enough” showcase WHIPPED CREAM’s versatility, blending wistful vocals with dynamic beats that defy genre boundaries.

The release of “is this real?” precedes WHIPPED CREAM’s eagerly anticipated North American tour this fall, promising fans an immersive live experience of her deeply personal journey through sound.