Which Top Sporting Events To Place Your Bets on This Summer

The ongoing Covid-19 pandemic has disrupted just about every area of our lives, and from work to play, nothing quite seems the same as it once was. But as lockdowns around the world begin to ease and the vaccine rollout continues, you might be pleased to learn that many of the world’s biggest sporting events are now back on the agenda for summer 2021 – and although many of them are set to take place with no live audience, it doesn’t mean you can’t get involved in the fun.

If you’re a fan of sports betting and never shy away from the chance to put your money where your mouth is then the good news is that there will be plenty of opportunities to win big this year. And, if you’re a seasoned pro then you’ll know that the higher you roll, the bigger the potential win, which makes for exciting times all round when money is no object. From the rescheduled Tokyo 2020 Olympics and Euro 2020 to plenty of action on and off the race track, there are plenty of high profile sporting events to place your bets on this summer.

Royal Ascot – 15th – 19th June

One of the summer’s biggest horse racing events, it’s likely that Royal Ascot will go ahead this year without the usual trackside spectators. Image credit: RW Jemmett/Bigstock.com

One of the summer’s biggest horse racing events, it’s likely that Royal Ascot will go ahead this year without the usual trackside spectators – which sadly means there will be no opportunity to treat yourself to a five-star VIP hospitality package with lashings of champagne. But while your own private box might be off the agenda, there is no reason you can’t recreate the vibe at home – and you can certainly get your adrenaline fix as you enjoy a slice of the action from anywhere by placing a bet on the front runner.

Of course, there’s always a lot to be said for backing a wildcard or an up-and-coming competitor, too – it simply depends on your tolerance of risk. If you dare to go for a less obvious choice only to see your number come in, then you could stand for a potentially much larger win – so if you’re a big spender who can afford to lose, then knock yourself out. With the event usually attracting a buzzing crowd of over 300,000 racegoers, it might not be quite the same watching the action unfold on TV – but a win is guaranteed to feel just as good.

UEFA Euro 2021 – 11th June-11th July

The rescheduled tournament gets underway in 2021 in Rome on June 11 and runs through to Sunday July 11; semi-finals and final take place at Wembley Stadium. Image credit: Yorgy67/Bigstock.com

The event that wasn’t to be in 2020, this year’s UEFA Euro 2021 is full steam ahead, which means we’ll finally get the chance to see Europe’s finest battle it out to bring the trophy home. With England tipped to be a firm favourite this year, a bet on the home team could see you winning in more ways than one – but with close competition from Belgium and the current world champions, France, it could be set to be a close call. If ever there was an excuse for a summer celebration, then this is it, as the event is scheduled to take place just as the final lockdown measures are lifted. So stock up on some champagne, order in the canapes and get some guests around to watch the final with you – once again, there will be no spectators permitted to attend matches live, but millions worldwide are expected to tune in from afar.

Tokyo 2021 – 23rd July – 8th August

The eagerly-anticipated Tokyo Olympics will officially run between July 24 and August 8 in 2021. Image credit: Chaay_Tee/Bigstock.com

Although the Summer Olympics are looking hopeful this year, the jury is still out on whether the event will actually take place, and reports have emerged suggesting that most of the Japanese population are opposed to allowing guests from overseas to attend due to the ongoing pandemic. Having been slow to accept that last year’s event would need to be postponed, it’s unsurprising organisers IOC are remaining cautious – but if it does go ahead then we’re in for a treat. With nearly 11,000 athletes from across the globe preparing to battle it out for the gold, silver and bronze medals across sports ranging from athletics to skiing, tennis to martial arts, there’s something for everyone – and more opportunities to place your bets than at any other event this summer.