Whethan Pulls Oliver Tree Out Of Retirement for One Last Collab “Freefall”

Whethan has enlisted in longtime friend and collaborator Oliver Tree for their latest and most electrifying collaboration yet, “Freefall.” The new single draws Oliver Tree out of retirement for an encore and heralds Whethan’s highly anticipated album, FANTASY, due out this Fall. For his sixth and final single, the producer plays up an ambitious blend of pop, rock, and electronic — a catalyst for one last stellar vocal performance from Oliver Tree.

He sings out:

Watch out, here I come
Is there any way you can help me out?
I’m talking right here, watch me jump
I get a little closer when I’ve had enough
I’m falling

The two have teamed up time and time again — on “When I’m Down,” “All You Ever Talk About,” and “Enemy” — and by now they sound intuitive together. Whethan also has writing and production credits on “Hurt,” “Let Me Down,” “Me, Myself, & I” and more off Oliver Tree’s debut album Ugly is Beautiful.

Listen here!

Stream/download: http://whethan.lnk.to/FreefallID

Whethan – Freefall (feat. Oliver Tree)