Whethan & Bearson Collaboration Added To Sims 4 In Latest Update

We’re used to hearing about artists having their music featured in video games like GTA5 or Cyberpunk 2077 where music plays a focal part in the gaming experience, but The Sims 4 is a new one. The game has been out since 2014 and it’s still regularly receiving updates. In this newest one, Whethan & Bearson featuring SOAK, “Win You Over,” was added to the game’s Alternative radio station.

“Win You Over” was released March 2019, and it currently has over 7 million plays on Spotify. Despite the game being six years old, it reached a peak last month of 10 million daily active users.

If you missed the song the first time around, check it out below! You can also listen to Whethan’s latest album single here as we wait for more information about the full release.

— Whethan (@whethanmusic) July 14, 2020