What Your Horoscope Tells You About Your Fashion Week Prospects

With the autumn equinox approaching on September 22, New York Fashion Week will bring change, regardless of your horoscope sign, because there is always a shift in energy in the period preceding the equinox. Here’s what your horoscope sign says about your fashion week prospects.

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Cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn) tend to start trends and initiatives and take creative liberty and action. They’re more likely to be early adopters.

Cardinal signs for the upcoming season will be experimenting with new beauty innovations to their usual routine, eager to try something completely new. Instead of seeking, they will try new things from a place of contentment and joy. They are most likely to gracefully embrace the timeless beauty that comes with the change of seasons. They will be authentic and transparent in their leadership.

• Aries –  Fire signs are passionate and intense. Aries are motivated and ambitious and their beauty style is bold and confident like Victoria Beckham.

• Cancer – Water signs are intuitive and mystical and Cancers are compassionate and domestic. Their beauty style is celestial and make statements like Priyanka Chopra.

• Libra – Air signs are cerebral and curious. Libras are connoisseurs of high art, love, and beauty. Their beauty style is adaptable by their environments and can change from playful to edgy in a heartbeat like Gwen Stefani.

• Capricorn – Earth signs are the most steady, sensible and grounded.  Capricorns are big-picture oriented, patient, with a hidden playful and mischievous side.  When uninhibited, their beauty style can be fun and whimsical like Kate Middleton.

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Fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius) are more likely to resist trends, following their own personal style with a steadiness that stands the test of time.

This season, fixed signs will be nesting, focusing on interior design and domestic bliss. They’ll be making safe spaces for themselves and cleaning house both digitally and in their social circles. In terms of fashion and beauty, they will be more distilled and stripped down to the essentials, recognizing what will work for them in their future iterations.

• Taurus – Earth signs are the most steadfast and true to their own unique personal style. Taurus are the most pleasure-seeking epicurean and delighted by comforts and luxury like Machine Gun Kelly

• Leo –  Fire signs are passionate and vivacious. Leos are infamously theatrical and fiery like Jennifer Lopez.

• Scorpio – Water signs are intuitive and sensitive. Scorpios are strategic and soulful like Katy Perry.

• Aquarius –  Air signs are cerebral and curious. Aquarians are the innovative humanitarians and ethically driven, but as a fixed sign would stick to their own personal style classics and ethos like Jennifer Aniston.

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Mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces) are likely to try all trends, being natural change chameleons, both fluid and transformative. They’re the most crafty and creative.

Supplements, meditation apps, affirmation cards, goat yoga, plant medicine, therapy, and study will be used to supplement their beauty routines by mutable signs. Expect fashion to satisfy this curiosity with some retail therapy, allowing them to try on different versions of themselves with ease. Positive effects will translate to more comfortable transitional clothing, such as baggy pants and puffy sleeves.

• Gemini – Air signs are cerebral and curious and use fashion as their ultimate creative expression, essential to their spirit like Kanye West.

• Sagittarius- Fire signs are vibrant and high-spirited and thrive in bold, avant-garde styles like Miley Cyrus.

• Virgo- Earth signs are the most steady, sensible and grounded but in the context of being so mutable, they only abide by trends that align to their personal life path and career like Beyonce.

• Pisces- Water signs are intuitive and sensitive and also utilize fashion based upon how they’re personally feeling (both emotionally and physically) that day like Rihanna.