What You Need To Do To Join The Exclusive Club Of Private Aircraft Travelers

We all have been there, waiting in an hour-long cue just to get a security check done before boarding a plane. Traveling by air is not as relaxing as it cracked up to be. By the end of the boarding process and putting up with all the hassle of commercial flights, you are hardly able to hold on to your last bit of patience. But you might ask what other option do you have. Well, if you have a little money to spare, chartering a jet plane can resolve all these hurdles for you. Besides, you can maximize your efficiency by minimizing your travel time. The gourmet meals and being wrapped up in lavish comforts high above the ground will also make traveling a breeze for you. If you are intrigued by the idea of traveling in style, read on to find out what you need to do to join the exclusive club of private aircraft travelers.

The travel duration determines the cost

It might seem like a no-brainer, but the more distance you cover, the more costly it will be, similar to commercial flight. The type of aircraft you choose and the number of passengers on board might also decide the expense. It can cost you up to €1000-€8000 per hour for hiring a private jet. However, if you settle for an empty leg flight, the cost will be significantly less. You can also book a single seat on a private jet. If you compare the price with first-class traveling with your group in a commercial flight, hiring a private jet will seem a much wiser idea.

When it comes to luxury travel, it doesn’t get much better than arriving to your destination by private jet

You need to pick the right aircraft

If you are an aircraft enthusiast, you certainly know how many types of jets are available for flying. The very light jets (VLJ) are the smallest of jet aircraft available out there. If you are planning on a three-hour flight with less than four passengers, VLJ is a good option. Mid-sized cabin jets are suitable for long haul distance; they can offer you up to five hours of uninterrupted flight. If you want to go a little overboard with luxury, you can choose biz liners; they are the epitome of lavish traveling. From ensuite showers to the cocktail lounge, you can indulge in all sorts of creature comfort in these aircraft.

You have to book the flight early

Most of us might assume you can get a private jet whenever you want, and the agency will manage you one right away. While it can be manageable for some, booking a flight on the day of your travel is not wise. Booking well in advance will give you the flexibility to choose a suitable aircraft and customize the service according to your liking. Besides, it will provide enough time for the pilot and crews to be prepared for the trip. To get a wholesome traveling experience, book your private jet flight at least two weeks in advance of your travel.

By hiring a private jet, flying can become a pleasurable and relaxing pursuit rather than a rushed and stressful one

You need to follow private fliers etiquette

Traveling in a private jet requires you to be familiar with some specific etiquette. For instance, you might want to tip your pilot after the flight, which you wouldn’t even dream of in a commercial flight. It’s because private jets are more service-oriented, and you will personally get to know your pilot before you take off; tipping is a polite display of gratitude for the pilot’s service. One more thing to consider is to avoid being late for your scheduled flight; even if the entire flight is booked only for you, respect the pilots and crew’s effort to be there on time.

The bottom line

Chartering a private jet is the happy middle ground between buying a private plane and flying in first class. While commercial flights test your patience with their lackluster service and whimsical schedule, hiring a private jet is your best option. Besides, being cooped up with hundreds of other passengers in a narrow cabin might not be your ideal scenario for traveling during this pandemic. As per statistics, traveling in a jet, without the line in security check, luggage pass-through, can reduce the risk of Covid-19 by around 30 per cent. Apart from the added safety, let’s not forget about all that you can indulge in satisfying your inner creature of comfort while flying in a private jet.