What Women Should Not Wear On A First Date?

The burden of first impressions has got you ransacking your wardrobe for that perfect outfit to wear on a first date. Finally, your crush sees the light and asks you out on a date (what took him so long?), or that online quarantine buddy has decided to put a face to that lovely personality and wants to go for a walk in the park.

What you wear says a lot about you and more than ever, a good first impression matters. This is also not the time to throw on that pair of jeans you’ve been wearing all week or that stained and slacked t-shirt because you are feeling hella confident in your skin. It’s true that what’s on the inside will eventually trump your outward appearance but let’s be honest, we will walk past a perfectly kind gentleman who is dressed in tattered clothes. That’s why dressing how you want to be addressed is still a thing. While we may not exactly bombard you with limited options on what to wear, we’ll be nice enough to show you what NOT to wear for a first date. Check out What women should not wear on a first date.


Showing off some skin is great but rocking a mini skirt is not what you should wear for a first date, as it might give off the wrong message. Save that skirt for your night out after a few more dates. You don’t want to be too sexy, rather comfortable and stylish.

Extra Cleavage Exposing Outfits

You want your date to maintain eye contact with you or at least notice your eye color before the beauty spot on your left breast (just saying). You also don’t want to pass on the wrong message or look desperate to him.

Super Tight Dress

Of course a bodycon is great for most occasions and is absolutely a clothing you can wear for a first date, but if you can’t wave at your college classmate whom you bumped into for fear of your dress giving way, or your steps are ordered by the dress because your legs are on a compulsory together-forever subjection, it’s definitely a red flag.

Camel Toe

This is not the gym, you might want to chill on the camel toe and replace it with thicker and opaque pants. We don’t want anyone giving your camel toe compliments before they notice the nude lipstick that matches your skin tone perfectly.

A Short Breezy Dress

When your hands are spending more time holding your dress from betraying you and exposing that lacy underwear, you’re in the wrong outfit.


It’s totally relatable to feel a bit anxious about what to wear for a first date but don’t be coerced into wearing uncomfortable heels or a dress that doesn’t flatter your figure. In other words, wear what makes you comfortable. The focus should be on getting to know your date rather than drifting into random thoughts of you finally braless and in your favorite tees at home because this dress is killing you. Stay stylish, confident, comfortable, and let your outfit reflect your personality.

Featured image: Arianna Jadé | Pexels