What to Consider when Designing a Home Gym

All men know that working out and staying in shape is good for their health. When you add in the way it also helps to build self-esteem and the positive reaction having impressive muscles gets from others, then it is something of a no-brainer. Why then do so many men have trouble sticking to a workout plan to achieve this? For many it all comes down to one main problem – having the time and motivation to head down to their local gym.

Rather than ditch the push to get in shape, a great alternative is setting up a home gym. Although there will be an initial cost, this can often work out cheaper than paying out monthly membership fees to an external gym. Working out in your gym at home is also more convenient – after all, you are already there! With the pressure of working out in front of others removed and no waiting for equipment, it is easy to see why this is a great option. But what should you think about when doing this in your own home?



Location is crucial

Perhaps the most important element to consider first is exactly where in your home the new gym will go. This will affect how likely you are to use it and how usable it is as a space. If for example it is next to a child’s bedroom, this might be no good as the noise of your exercising could wake them early in the morning or during the evening. Situations like this can limit how useful your new gym is and how much you end up using it. Of course, space is another big consideration when deciding in which room or at which location to situate your home gym. This will depend on what you plan to do in there and how much equipment you have to fit in. It is a good idea to have as much space as possible though so you can exercise safely and with enough room to move around in.

Don’t forget about the lighting

Lighting is certainly worth thinking about. You ideally want to choose a room or space which has lots of natural light coming into it. This will avoid you having to switch on lights to exercise under and will save on your energy bills. One thing to be aware of though is how hot any sunlight coming in will make the space. A way to help is by using white wooden shutters when designing your gym. These will not only allow you to shut the blinds with the windows open to stay cool in summer but also to adjust them in the darker months to let in more natural light. Shutters like this also give great privacy when closed so people cannot see all the expensive gear you have in the room from the outside.

Choose what gear you will install carefully

One very important thing for a man when setting up a home gym is deciding what equipment to have in there. This depends largely on what you like to do when exercising and what goals you are wanting to achieve. If you like cycling or simply want a cardio blast, the bikes from the guys at Peloton are a good choice. For those who like lifting weights, dumbbells are a wise move. The key thing is to think about what you need for what you plan to do so that you buy the right gear. It is not a good feeling when you spend money on equipment that you never use, or it doesn’t do what you wanted.

Add some personal touches

The beauty with having a gym at home is that you can decorate it how you like. Making the effort to personalise your space will not only make it more enjoyable to be in but will also encourage you to exercise in there. From putting up posters to installing a stereo system or painting the walls a funky colour, there is a lot you can do to make it all yours.

A home gym gives convenience and value

If you find yourself struggling to find the time to fit in gym sessions or simply do not enjoy working out with other people watching, setting up a home gym could be the solution you need. It not only offers amazing value when compared to paying out monthly fees but is also much more convenient. Trust us, heading to the garage or next room to exercise when it is freezing outside is much more appealing than driving to another gym 30 minutes away! If you are looking at setting up your own gym but need some tips on what to do, the above should help.