What is the best beauty product you have bought this year?

There is no school of beauty writers; you must learn on the job. The number one rule, as Emily Ferber and I discussed ad nauseum, is to hate most things. Because there are a lot of bad products on the market! Products that do not do what they claim to be, products that belie you, products that smell like dried beef and, to make matters worse, have the audacity to take pills. But then comes the light. The only good beauty that remains unmasked after a lot of bad – the only really good thing. And then (and only then) I send it to you.

At the moment, the very good thing for me is The Silk Canvas of Tatcha. Like; can not stop thinking about included in the Top 25 this year. I am such a big fan that after the theft of my friends through my first record ("Hey Ashley, can you bring a little more of this Tatcha?"), I rushed to Sephora's house and I was there. I bought a replacement device. This is the only primer that is worth buying. Heck, it's the only primer that's premium! Apply a small amount of peas and all over – foundation, concealer, eyeshadow, etc. – slides more gently, more pigmented and lasts longer. This is without a doubt the best thing that I have bought this year. Which brings me to you. What is your Tatcha The Silk Canvas? What is the best beauty product you have bought this year? Give up the goods below.

– Ashley Weatherford

Photo via ITG

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