What Happens To Your Hair When You Stop Looking After It

There are those that state they never wash their hair, that it cleans itself after a certain period and that going natural is better for their hair and their body. If that’s true the hair care industry, which is worth nearly $1 billion, is going to struggle.

It’s time to find out what happens to your hair when you stop looking after it.

Your Genes

The reality is that your hair reacts differently to various products. This is based on your hair type and your genes. It’s beyond your control but you’re familiar with the premise. It’s the reason some products work really well for some people, and not for others.

You can’t control or change your genes, if you decide to stop looking after your hair you’ll have to wait and see what happens.

Some people can get away with limited hair washing, others need to do it daily.

The Products

If you choose a premium product like one from the Evo range then your hair is being looked after The product adds nutrition to your hair, gives it a glossy look, and seals in moisture. This can actually help you to wash your hair less often.

The wrong products use harsh chemicals, effectively damaging your hair. It will make your hair look greasy, encouraging you to wash it more and creating a vicious cycle!

The right product works with your scalps oil glands, this makes a big difference to the look and smell of your hair.

Oil Glands

Unsurprisingly, oil glands produce oil. The oil travels along your hair, giving it a shine in the process More importantly, the oil locks n the moisture, keeping the hair healthy and looking clean.

Wash your hair too often and you’ll remove the oil, leaving your hair weak, flat, and brittle. In contrast, don’t wash it at all and the oil produced by your scalp can make your hair look greasy as there is too much oil on each piece of hair.

Excess oil can accumulate on the hairs and the scalp. This creates blocked pores which result in an itchy head. You may notice your hair is also starting to smell, this is due to excess moisture being trapped inside your hair. That attracts bacteria which makes your hair smell, not unlike sour milk.


If you’re on medication or producing high levels of specific hormones then you’ll find that this can also affect how clean your hair looks if it’s not washed. It’s worth checking the side effects of your medication.

Hair Thickness

The thicker your hair is the easier it is for oil to get trapped, blocking pores and causing moisture up buildup. The result is dirty looking and potentially smelly hair. It’s worth noting that blocked pores can stop the hair from getting the nutrients it needs, preventing it from growing.

In short, many variables need to be considered and it’s different for everyone. But, in a nutshell, you should be aiming to use the right product and wash your hair 2-3 times per week. It’s the simplest way to ensure it always looks and feels great.