What Foods To Eat Help Ease A Hangover

“Blame it on the alcohol” they screamed, while gulping down the 11th tequila shot. Next thing you know, you’re swearing never to taste alcohol again, so long as the lord saves you from the result of this bad decision. Most of us know the story of a few nights out that ends this way but this resolution is only temporary as it fades away with the symptoms of hangover. ‌There are actually foods to eat to deal with a hangover so you don’t have to spend the entire day tossing and turning in regret.

Although drinking in moderation is a far more better and mature alternative, but if you’re already caught up in the uneasy feeling of a hangover and you’ve thrown up just about anything you have ingested, then these tips could come in handy. Check out what foods to eat help ease a hangover.


Bananas contain potassium that the body needs during a hangover. Ever noticed the high level of dehydration you experience during babalaas? When there’s too much alcohol in the system, it disrupts the body’s ability to retain water and loss of electrolytes occurs. Try eating banana to help restore these electrolytes in the body.


One of the foods to eat to deal with a hangover are avocados. The link? Avocado contains liver-protecting properties and that’s a welcome change noting that excessive alcohol consumption damages the liver. This is in addition to its high potassium content.


Ginger has always been an all round one-stop-shop and a hangover is not exempted. With you scrambling the kitchen for foods to eat to deal with a hangover, you might bypass this miracle ingredient, DON’T. Ginger helps with the nauseating feeling that comes with excessive drinking. If you’re desperate enough, try chewing it raw or just make smoothie.


Who’s up for a bottle of sprite? Hopefully there’s still some left from the vodka-sprite mix the night before. Soda helps with the nausea and headache.

Chicken Noodle Soup

Surprise! This isn’t handy only when you’re down with the flu. It might be because it’s high in sodium, something your body particularly needs right now.

Bonus tip:

Drinking lots of water may help tone down headaches and thirst. Follow your cravings, sometimes that’s your body’s way of directing you to ingest what would work. It’s true sliding anything else down your throat is the last thing on your mind but eating a healthy breakfast helps balance out blood-sugar level.

Featured image: Юлія Вівчарик | Unsplash