What Exactly Can We Expect to see from eCommerce in 2021

There’s no denying that 2020 brought with it great challenge for almost every industry and sector – but it was also the year that we saw business models and individual companies adapting to the restrictions that came with the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic and to the new way of living that came with it. With more people working from home and shopping online than ever in a bid to avoid going outside – or, at times, because they had little choice – eCommerce is one of the few areas to have seen a surge over the past twelve months across a variety of different industry sectors – and as innovation continues and processes become more high-tech than ever, it is set to continue its growth into 2021.

In fact, eCommerce is now developing more quickly than Amazon can deliver – and considering they offer a next-day, straight-to-your-door service through Amazon Prime, that’s no small feat. And, with many of your favourite high-end, luxury brands doing everything they can to elevate the online customer experience to meet an increase in demand, you can expect shopping from home to become a whole lot more enjoyable. In a time where voice ordering via Alexa is the norm and using the family computer is all-but a thing of the past, times are changing quickly – so what exactly can we expect to see from eCommerce in 2021 – and how will the way you do your luxury shopping change for the better?

AI customer sourcing


Artificial intelligence has been making waves in recent years, and has transformed everything from the online casino experience to the way we are marketed to – but as far as its super-powers go, it’s only just getting started. AI is already used in eCommerce to assist with customer queries and assist with product visualisation – and those intelligent product recommendations you receive? That’s all in its remit, too. In 2021, the algorithms will go one better, analysing current trends, sales channels and buyer behaviour to identify everything from the optimum time to the best price for businesses to list their products. AI has officially got its eye on you – and on everyone else, too – but your shopping experience will improve for it, whilst boosting business’ revenue, too.

Premium private-label brands

In recent years, customers have had a greater level of direct access to brands at better prices than ever before – and the brands themselves have benefitted, too. With direct access themselves to customers and profits, it’s little wonder that direct to consumer commerce has flourished – but in 2021, D2C will be getting an upgrade. Gone are the days when this type of commerce was beneficial only to the bargain-hunting customer, and with premium private label brands on the rise and customers seeking out superior products and shopping experiences, the two marry up in the years ahead.

3D digital asset management

Competition in the world of eCommerce is fierce, and with more brands and businesses popping up daily on a global scale, it’s something that won’t be changing any time soon. In fact, in this day and age, finding ways to outshine the competition is more pertinent than ever. In 2021, we’ll see more businesses than ever turning to digital assets to better assist customers and to improve the performance of their website, too. 2D images will become 3D, and investing in a digital asset management system will become essential for brands looking to get ahead of the game. But how exactly will this benefit the luxury shopper? Well, imagine if, instead of ordering that new Gucci coat or pair of Louis Vuittons based on a flat image only, you could see them from all angles, in 3D. The ability to better visualise exactly what you are buying will mean you’re more likely to be happy with your order once received, with minimal hassle when it comes to returns. So, whilst you might not be able to visit your favourite bricks-and-mortar designer boutiques while lockdown measures remain in place, you can have the next best experience online.

The bottom line

So, if you’re growing tired of a frustrating online shopping experience in a time where bricks-and-mortar shopping is less accessible than usual, then in 2021, it looks like you’re going to be in for a treat. With brands evolving as quickly as possible to meet customer demands and offer you the same luxury experience they would do in store, restocking your wardrobe for the new season or investing in the latest tech gadgets is set to become a more seamless and enjoyable experience. And with Alexa on hand to do all the hard work for you, what’s not to love about it?