What do you need to know about Men’s Grooming for autumn/winter this year?

It’s time to say goodbye to long sunny days in the garden and sailing your yacht in shorts and linen shirts because like it or not, autumn is officially upon us. And, whilst we’ll be sad to let go of those light evening and warmer days, we have to admit that we’re also looking forward to getting back to the sharper dressing and sartorial style the cooler months lend themselves to so well.

As well as overhauling your wardrobe this month, in preparation for the new season ahead, it’s also a great time to get a head start on your grooming routine to ensure that your hair, beard and all the rest are all looking up to standard, too. After all, what good is a new season style statement without the finishing touches to back it up?

Hair, skin and facial hair can all suffer in autumn and winter if their needs are not carefully met, and this can have a detrimental impact on their appearance – so be sure to invest in the right moisturisers and grooming products to keep yourself in good nick.

There are a whole new range of grooming trends to be keeping an eye on, to ensure that your look is always ahead of the game. So, what do you need to know about men’s grooming for autumn/winter this year? We’ve got you covered with the latest tips, tricks and trends.

It’s time to say goodbye to long sunny days in the garden and sailing your yacht in shorts and linen shirts because like it or not, autumn is officially upon us. Image credit: tinx/Bigstock.com

The Royal Parting

A look at what the men in Milan are wearing is always a good way to get an insight into the hair and grooming trends we can expect to see making their way to the UK each season, and for 2020, the royal parting is a big deal.

At Milan Fashion Week’s Alexander McQueen catwalk show, models wore sharp military tailoring, but the piece-de-resistance was a sharp side parting, with hair gelled down tightly to the scalp. Canali and Ralph Lauren followed suit, which is proof, if you need it, that this wasn’t a one off. Head to your stylist and ask for short back and sides with a little length left in the fringe, and choose a luxury pomade to achieve that glossy wet-look.

The shaggy do

On the contrary, the sharpness of the royal parting was in stark contrast to the shaggy hairstyles seen at Zegna, Toms and MSGM. If you still haven’t managed to get in for that post lock-down haircut, then this could be for you, as overgrown, longer-length hair is a must to pull it off.

Invest in a good sea salt spray and spritz hair generously, then scrunch dry to add texture for a grittier, matte look finish.

If you still haven’t managed to get in for that post lock-down haircut, then the shaggy look (overgrown, longer-length hair) could be for you this autumn. Image credit: katatonia82/Bigstock.com

The shorter long beard

Beards have been having their moment for the past few years, and autumn 2020 is set to be no different. But gone are the days where longer and bushier was better, and for the new season, it’s all about keeping it short and sweet.

The shorter take on the long beard follows the shape of the face, with sharp lines on the cheeks to contrast with the fuller growth of the beard itself. The bottom should sit no more than two inches below the chin, so aim for this as the sweet spot.

When it comes to getting the perfect beard, don’t try it at home. Once you’ve done the growing, head to a high-end barber for the full treatment and a opt for a cut-throat wet shave for sharp and sophisticated results.

Use a moisturising beard shampoo and oil every few days to keep yours looking in the best possible condition.


Autumn 2020 will see the return of the iconic moustache

The moustache

Thought the moustache was long gone? It’s time to think again. Autumn 2020 sees them return again with a vengeance, so start on yours now and you’ll be one step ahead of everyone else come Movember.

Leaving your hair to grow more pronounced on the upper lip provides contrast and shape, and looks just as great with a well-groomed beard as it does a closely clean-shaven appearance.

To get yours looking its best, you’ll need to be prepared to be in for a long wait. Six to eight months is the average growth time required, so it’s not one to happen overnight.

As it grows, avoid trimming above the lip and instead, train the hairs out to either side of the philtrum. Use a moustache comb to straighten it out and apply a little wax to the ends to style.

Whatever your style and personality, there’s a grooming trend for you this autumn – which one will you choose?

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