What Are The Home Renovation Trends For The Year Ahead

As we continue to spend more time at home than ever before thanks to the ongoing Covid-19 restrictions, our personal environments have become increasingly important – and ensuring that your abode can cater just as well to your working needs as to your personal ones – not to mention the demands of home schooling – is top of the agenda.

With all this extra time on your hands to ponder your current set-up, the idea of investing in some home renovations may well have crossed your mind, but if the idea seems just too overwhelming and you’re unsure you could handle the extra stress right now, then the likelihood is, you’re not alone. Even so, transforming your living space doesn’t have to be all tearing your hair out, and with the right approach, can actually be quite fun. By incorporating a few extra luxury features into the mix alongside the practical requirements, you can instantly add to the appeal of the process – and browsing Pinterest for inspiration to create your own mood board can make things feel all the more fun.

With a blank canvas to work with, you can quite literally create the home of your dreams – but it’s wise to consider the current trends to ensure that your new set-up remains ahead of the curve. You might not be thinking of selling at the moment, but getting it right could add a substantial amount of value to your home in the future, and is another huge benefit to taking the plunge now. So, what are the home renovation trends we should be keeping an eye on for the year ahead – and better yet, implementing into our own abodes?

Bringing the outdoors indoors

indoor plants

With people now more appreciative of their personal spaces than ever, garden rooms have seen a 97 per cent increase in popularity over the past twelve months on renovation and design platform, Houzz, with nature proving to be just the tonic during these trying times to maintain our sanity, and the need to be near it greater than ever. The trend for indoor greenery is also on the rise, with house plants seen taking over bathrooms, kitchens and living rooms all over Instagram and Pinterest. With cleaner air more of a priority than ever, it’s possible that we’re seeing this as much for the health benefits as for the aesthetics – but there’s no denying that a minimalist space accented with dramatic foliage is a look we can all get on board with.

Creating more space


As we continue to feel shut in as we’re once again told to ‘stay at home’, it’s perhaps unsurprising that extensions have also become an attractive prospect, with 91 per cent more interest than pre-pandemic shown in adding extra space to homes. From conservatories to games rooms, being unable to socialise outside of our homes and spending intense amounts of time with the family could be beginning to take their toll – but for many, it has simply been the push they needed to get their long-held plans off the ground. Although perhaps one of the more complicated options during lockdown – unless, of course, you happen to have the expertise yourself – there’s no reason you can’t start the planning process now. An architect who is experienced in luxury home renovations will be able to help you draw up a plan, while construction takeoff services will help you to move things to the next step and get all of the materials you’ll need, as well as providing cost estimation services for the entire project.

Sage green everything


Perhaps it has something to do with our renewed appreciation for nature too, but in 2021, green is officially the home colour we’ll all be coveting. Sage green units and wall panelling will be sought-after by some of the savviest luxury home owners, so if you’re planning a redesign, be sure to incorporate this trend. If you’re planning on investing in architectural drafting services then the professionals will be able to help you work out how best to do so – while an interior design specialist will know exactly how to create the desired visual effect and can advise on the finishing touches that will elevate the entire look.

The bottom line

Getting an entire renovation project off the ground might feel impossible right now, but with plenty of time on your hands to get planning your dream transformation, it’s the perfect opportunity to put pen to paper and get creative with your ideas. Nothing worth doing is worth rushing, and the end result will be a million times better than you could have imagined.