Westwood Drops Soulful Remix Album of Maddy O’Neals Dream State EP

Denver-based musician Maddy O’Neal has made her official Westwood Recordings debut with a remix compilation of her recent Dream State EP. Dream State is an unmistakable expression of O’Neal’s versatility and diverse musical roots, incorporating hip hop, soul, and funk, with an electronic twist. Now this remix compilation puts a new spin and the melodic journey that is her Dream State EP. Each track has its own respective remix, putting a soulful spin on her whimsical EP by remixers like Defunk, Dreamers Delight, Artifakts, and more.  O’Neal herself is really stoked on the compilation. “It is really rad to hear how everyone involved took the vibe and flipped it in their own way, putting their signature flavors on these tracks and breathing new life into them”.

Maddy O’Neal – Dream State Remixes