We’re Officially Obsessed With the 90s Chunky Highlights Trend That’s All Over Instagram

There are plenty of hair color ideas taking over Instagram. From tweed hair to strawberry brunette to ash brown, it’s full of colorful inspo. The latest trend? The return of 90s chunky highlights. No, really.

Chunky highlights are steadily making a comeback by replacing basic balayages. But it’s not exactly the same old style. The 2019 version plays up the gradient so the effect is more seamless. Wide streaks can also give your mane a much needed boost and help you transition to another shade.

If you’re still on the fence waiting for your current balayage to grow out, here are some of the best 90s chunky highlight ideas to convince you to head to the salon.

Kim Kardashian-Approved

We know a trend is getting serious when Kim Kardashian embraces it, even if it’s just for a beauty campaign. Kim’s subtle chunky highlights add a little lift to her dark locks.

Image: @andrewfitzsimons

Back to Blonde

If you’re looking to (gradually) lighten up, go for a coffee blond balayage with a generous amount of light highlights.

Image: @balayageinbalmain

Red Romance

Red and blond chunky highlights really pop against a brown base.

Image: @hairbytrelanie

Because Blondes Really Do Have More Fun

If you want to go warmer, opt for an even gradient featuring distinct brunette streaks. Or add in even more shades.

Image: @amhrytsak

To the Extreme

Go big or go balayage. This heavy-handed approach works well with extra long locks.

Image: @hairbyalexisj

Mix and Match

For a delicious caramel blond shade, stick to three main hues: lightened caramel, sandy blonde and golden blonde.

Image: @hairbysarayah

Think Pink

Chunky highlights work on just about any hair color, even bubble gum pink.

Image: @jaybarbosahairstylist

Chunky and Curly

These red and blond highlights simply scream fall.

Image: @kaymae_hair

Bolster Your Bob

Blond and brown chunky highlights really highlight this angled bob.

Image: @hairbysenaida_lopez777

Beautiful Blend

Who says chunky highlights can’t be subtle? Pair them with a wavy clavicle bob to nail two trends at once.

Image: @_tieladoeshair