Wenzday’s Recent Single Comes To Life With A Stunning Visual Representation Of “Outside” ft. Myke Terry

Wenzday’s recent single comes to life with a stunning visual representation of “Outside” featuring Myke Terry. The track previously released on Dr. Fresch’s House Call Records, unlocking the producer’s passion for rock and bass house fusion. The “Outside” music video extends on what we already love about the track, serving as both a sonic and visual prelude to Wenzday’s breakout single “Heartbreak House.” When watched in order, her music videos tell the story of this universe and concept she has created for her project.

As mentioned, captivating storytelling is one of Wenzday’s many strong points. We see the emotion unfold here, especially around the 1:37 mark, as she engages in an explosive argument with Myke Terry, and striking choreography matches their energy. Perhaps our favorite part doesn’t come until the very end. A tarot card is discovered on the ground — Three of Swords — representing pain inflicted by words, actions and intent.

“I am almost done telling this chapter of my story,” Wenzday shares, “and I am so grateful to Myke Terry for being my collaborator on this record, Hank Kowalczyk for her incredible choreography in the video, and my director Francesca Maldonado and editor Alex Hernandez — who I have worked with since day 1. This video is incredibly special to me and I hope you all enjoy it.”

In addition to directing, Maldonado has worked with Justin Bieber, Billie Eilish, Demi Lovato, and Machine Gun Kelly as a production designer. Watch here and link up with Wenzday below!

Stream/download: housecallrecs.ffm.to/outside

Wenzday – Outside ft. Myke Terry (Official Video)