Wenzday New Single, “Actin Up’”

Wenzday follows through with back-to-back releases on House Call Records with “Actin’ Up,” channeling the kind of energy she experiences in real life, right before she hits the stage. The LA-based DJ/producer and co-head of 40oz Cult drops much quirk and spunk into the mix for this hot new track. Spastic sounds and rhythmic elements find their own distinct groove, as “Actin’ Up” takes form. Playful sound design controls production and Wenzday hits hard as ever.

“Actin’ Up” follows Wenzday’s unexpected rock and bass house-infused record “Outside” featuring Myke Terry, also out now on House Call Records.

Wenzday shares of the new release:

“Actin’ Up” is inspired by my times spent in the green room before a performance pre-Covid. I wanted to channel my pre-show jitters and excitement that I feel as well as the crowd’s before a set. A nod to my role in 40oz Cult, Actin Up showcases the growth of Wenzday as an artist.

Dr. Fresch shares his excitement, as well:

Both of these records display Wenzday’s sound and style — I absolutely love how “Outside” connects the dots between the Bass House world and the Rock world. Any ravers that have an emo or metal past life will immediately connect with this song. “Actin’ Up” is nothing short of a festival banger. I can’t wait to play both of these records live this year!

Listen here and link up with Wenzday below!

Wenzday – Actin’ Up