Wenzday Delivers 5-Track ‘Heartbreak House’ Remix Pack [LISTEN]

Welcome to the Heartbreak House. Allow Wenzday to be your guide, as she unleashes her 5-track remix pack featuring B-Sides and Phon, Axel Boy, Algo and Mr. Tape, plus a new extended mix of the project’s leading track, “Heartbreak House.” It’s obvious these producers had a blast remixing Wenzday’s debut Heartbreak House EP, because that fun loving essence comes through on every single track. Each artist takes full creative control of their own respective remix, shaping an overall “anything goes” kind of sound, which ultimately comes together seamlessly in the end.

B-Sides and Phon deliver a quirky, upbeat take on the title track featuring Kevin Flum with no shortage of wubs and surprises at every turn. “Drop It Down” with B-Sides gets a true bass house remix courtesy of Axel Boy, with an unexpected drop that switches up the vibe drastically. Algo’s “Pingaz” remix is by far the most forceful, transforming the energetic banger with Sippy into a gritty riddim blaster. Rounding out the release, Mr. Tape expertly drives “All The Way Home” into feelsy comedown that makes for a perfect finish.

Listen to all the Heartbreak House remixes below via IN / ROTATION and let us know your favorites! Also, check out the original release from Wenzday here.

Wenzday – Heartbreak House Remixes