Welcome to WENZDAY’s “Heartbreak House” ft. Kevin Flum [MUSIC VIDEO]

WENZDAY just recently hit us with her Heartbreak House EP and we felt the passion behind the entire release. Now, we can see it — with a new video representation of the leading track of the same title. The song takes a provocative turn with this newly released official music video, as WENZDAY and friends live it up in a literal house of heartbreak. Neon fixtures and party vibes will draw you in, but there’s something unsettling about this “Heartbreak House.” Although, it’s visually stimulating at the same time. It gives off the feeling of falling for someone (or something) that you know very well isn’t good for you.

Love can be an exciting and intriguing experience, even when it’s destined to end in heartbreak. WENZDAY’s EP encapsulates the stages of a breakup — from that point of no return to actually being broken up with — and all the hardships of an ending relationship. Even the ones that are doomed from the start. Watch “Heartbreak House” as it unfolds right here. Also, check out the Heartbreak House EP in full below.

WENZDAY – “Heartbreak House” ft. Kevin Flum

Heartbreak House EP