Wear Your Favorite Blazer Like a Boss Even When You’re Out of the Office

We love blazers for their polished boss vibes. In fact, we’re so into the look that we wear bright and bold pantsuits and shorts suits even when we’re not on the clock. As much as we like the powerful feeling of slipping on a tailored blazer, we want to leave the work vibes behind when we’re out of the office.

The easiest way to dress down your go-to blazer is to completely remove any corporate connotations. It’s a double wardrobe win since you’ll never come across as sloppy while wearing a structured jacket and working in a few low-key elements will prevent anyone from thinking you’re on your way to a weekly budget meeting.

Break out your best blazer, then check out these street style-approved ways to dress it down on the weekend or after hours.

Images: Imaxtree