We Can’t Get Enough of Snakeskin

In the fashion kingdom, there is an ongoing fight for the most popular animal print. Leopard often has the crown, especially in the last few seasons, but other patterns are giving it some fierce competition. Actual animal prints, tiger stripes, zebra patterns and even cow prints have all battled for the top spot, but it’s sultry snakeskin that the style set can’t stop wearing.

Neon snakeskin is a bright idea for spring; Image: Imaxtree

Snake patterns began trending in the colder months and the design remains as popular as ever. It’s clear that no one wants to shed these chic skins. Snakeskin patterns are on everything from bags to shoes to dresses to jackets to T-shirts and much, much more. The classic beige pattern remains popular for its versatility. But other versions are on offer, including neon, patent, jewel-toned and supersized prints.