WE ARE FURY Drop Euphoric New Single “Memories”

WE ARE FURY are a force to be reckoned with. Carrying big ambitions and even bigger tracks, the duo is finally letting loose on the potential they’ve been holding back on. Their latest single “Memories” enlists the vocal prowess of RUNN, who is known for her collaborations with Illenium, Seven Lions, Dabin, and Hotel Garuda. Riding on the tails of an impeccable melody, the euphoric atmosphere delivered here is something you can easily lose yourself in. As WE ARE FURY continue to tell their story through their art, we advise you to keep your eyes for this duo to start making serious noise within the dance music community. Stream “Memories” below.

The message we want to pass along is we all go through loss, in many forms. Whatever it is you are going through you are allowed to mourn and experience it fully. However, you have to keep going and eventually you will see why you had to go through those experiences in order to become the person you are now. We know most of our listeners, if not all, will connect with this message. We’re very happy with how the track came out and working with RUNN was an absolute honor. – WE ARE FURY

WE ARE FURY – Memories (feat. RUNN)