Ways To Style Leather Pants and Win

Leather pants have remained popular since they became a part of pop culture in the 1960s. A fall and winter favorite, they can be worn all year as long as they are avoided on very hot days. The key to a winning leather pant look lies in the way you style the iconic piece.

From serving as the ultimate street style bottom to edgy office wear looks, leather trousers can be worn in a variety of ways. They are versatile enough to serve your dynamic wardrobe needs.

But many women shy away from leathers pants because they can’t quite figure out how to style them other than pairing with a T-shirt. We agree that leather pants can be tough to style. It gets tricky especially when you’re trying to avoid the cliche rock star look. That’s where we come in.

All you need is some inspiration and creative styling tips to make your leather pant look work for just about any event.

Here are 5 ways to style leather pants and win…

Double leather look

Double leather look


Create a bad and bougie feel with a two piece leather ensemble and look rich-rich as they shine in all their glory. You can pair the same leather textures of combine patent, regular or vegan leather in the same shade or contrasting shades. Be sure to balance your top and bottom. Meaning a loose top should be worn with a fitting trouser and vice versa.

Just make sure you wear this look only for social functions unless you work in the fashion, beauty or entertainment industries.

Shoulder pad T-shirt X flared leather pants 



This dashing and trendy combination simply takes the predictable T-shirt and leather pants outfit and spins it up the chart.

Rock it as workwear

Workwear inspo


A well tailored blazer paired with a slim leather pant and a belt at the midriff to define your curves, plus the perfect pumps equals a stylish day at work.

Dress for a rainy day 



Tweed jackets and leather pants is straight up style goal for a rainy day. The combination double as a stylish look and functional outerwear. Not a fan of tweed? You can layer a sweater on a button down shirt for an equally chic delivery. Never a miss.

 Wear it as a splash of color

Colorful leather outfit


Graphic tees and leather pants never looked so good when a red leather pants meets a graphic tee and is finished off with a loose fitted blazer. A total slay moment. 

Cover photo: Instagram | @mphotsila