Ways To Improve Men’s Health And Wellness For The Season Ahead And Beyond

If the past year has taught us anything, it’s the importance of looking after our health, and taking a holistic approach to mind, body and soul to ensure optimum all-round wellness. Whilst boosting your immunity to prevent illness is important, so too is taking care of your mental health – and the ongoing lockdowns that have come with the pandemic have put the latter under the microscope where perhaps, for men at least, it was once previously swept under the rug. As we head into summer, it’s the perfect time to shift your focus back onto yourself and implement a health and wellness routine designed to tick all the right boxes and have you feeling your very best, and with a plethora of burgeoning new trends emerging, there are plenty of tools to help you along the way. Here, we take a look at the ones that will help you to transform your health for the season ahead and beyond.

Meditation And Breathwork


In women’s circles, meditation is nothing new, and has been a huge wellness trend in recent years that has helped many to get anxiety, low mood and racing thoughts under control while also reestablishing balance. But this summer, we can expect to see a growing trend for meditation and breathwork against men as we finally begin to let go of the stigma around self care and accept that everyone can benefit from it. With the suicide rate amongst young men at an all-time high, there is no time like the present to put your pride aside and start taking the necessary steps to soothe your mind and get back in control of your emotions – and while meditation certainly isn’t a cure-all, just 10 minutes a day can certainly help you to start tuning out the noise.

Exercise As A Preventative

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Keeping your immunity high has ever been more important, there is always more we can be doing to stay on top of our health. A balanced diet has long been touted as an essential tool when it comes to resilience to disease and illness, but we’re finally beginning to accept that the role of exercise is perhaps more important than we realised. The past year has shone a spotlight on the importance of keeping fit, but body composition has also come under the microscope, so we can expect to see men paying more attention to their vital statistics and seeking out analyses of their current health risks, as well as using regular exercise as a preventative measure rather than just a vehicle to look their best.

Addressing Sexual Health Without Shame

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It’s the elephant in the room for some men, with most opting to sweep it under the carpet rather than seeking help. But in 2021, we can expect to see the stigma and shame men often associate with suffering from erectile dysfunction (ED) set aside as we become more confident in seeking the help we need. And, with online services such as ED doctors Vitylman offering treatment via its digital portal, it is now easier and more accessible than ever before. This summer will be the season we let go of fear and worry around sexual health-related issues and take a solutions-based approach instead – which ultimately, will lead to fewer men suffering in silence.

Low Emission Running


Image credit: allbirds.co.uk

Yep, you read that right. If you thought that running as opposed to driving or taking a train was the ultimate way to reduce your carbon footprint to zero, then think again – but the good news is that this summer, you’ll be able to do just that. Innovative trainer brand Allbirds is paving the way for this to happen, and has begun printing a ‘carbon count’ on each of its products to help customers to better understand what goes into making and shipping a pair of trainers – from the materials selected, to the manufacturing process, and getting your chosen pair to your door. Alongside Adidas, it also plans to make new strides by launching the first carbon-neutral training shoe in the world this year – so sustainability enthusiasts, watch this space.