Ways To Dress Business Casual For A Well Needed Slay

Sometimes we want to look professional but not too serious and there’s no better option than taking the business casual route. This style is so comfortable, stylish and respectable. It’s like sitting on the boundary fence between appearing too professional and brunch ready. Being business casual simply means switching up the traditional work wear by sprinkling just the right amount of casual for that “polished professional” enough look. Sorry to burst your bubble but slipping into a T-shirt, jeans, slippers and then throwing on a blazer isn’t business casual. If your office isn’t particular about traditional office wear, then you could pull off a business casual look to work. But please stay away from the T-shirt and jeans option as they are not appropriate for an office setting.

A Chic Blouse X Pants


When it comes to business casual, there’s really nothing wrong this combo can do. This outfit option balances effortlessly on the wearer and gives off that sophisticated, yet casual vibe. What’s more, it’s super girly, tasteful and with the right accessories, your collogues would be asking for your style advice.

Denim X Shirt

Can a woman wear jeans as a business casual outfit? Absolutely, yes! But this is up to office rules. While some workplaces allow jeans, others are more rigid and traditional. If it’s allowed in your workplace, then jeans and a classic shirt (yes, even the button-downs) is a sure business casual outfit that won’t compromise your professionalism. 

A Midi Skirt X Blouse

In a workspace, midi skirts seem to be every girls best bet as maxi skirts are too long and mini skirts are too short. Pairing a midi skirt –whether in plain, textured, or prints–with a blouse is a great mix that gives off a sophisticated vibe. If you’re looking to get necks turning and approving nods in that business casual typa way then try on this combo. 

An Oversized Blazer X Sneakers

Evoke a nostalgic feeling in your office with an 80s inspired oversized blazer. Considering that this combo packs it’s own flair, you can slide into your favorite soft-toned sneakers to finish it off. This is because opting for heels may give off the impression that you’re headed to New York Fashion Week and not your office. However, that’s not to say that you can’t keep your heels in your bag when you’re headed for an after-office drinks with friends. Just remember to take off your blazer, or throw it stylishly across your shoulders.

Cardigan X Pants

A knitted sweater layered over a shirt or camisole and pencil skirt or a sweater tucked into work pants finished off with sandal heels is nothing short of elegant and stylish enough to pull off a business casual look to the office. You’ll have your colleagues pinning your outfits in no time. If you don’t want to go full cardigan, then get some style inspo from Blake and incorporate sweater into this ensemble as a corset top. Keep setting the pace!