Ways To Cheat Yourself Enjoying Exercising

Although exercise helps us stay healthy and fit, many of us don’t enjoy it, hence, we are rarely motivated to get up and break a sweat. Oftentimes, just like me, you may be stuck in the today-tomorrow procrastination ride, and considering we are already seven months into 2021, this year could again end with your fitness dreams staying as just dreams. If you heard there were ways to trick yourself to enjoy exercising, would you finally hit the treadmill? Well, I would. No pressure, but waking up to realize you’re indeed far from your estimated fitness goals might discourage you because you’ve allowed the pressure of inertia beat you at this game. Check out 5 ways to cheat yourself to enjoy exercising.

Choose The Right Gym Wear

We are heavy on dressing for the occasion, and no one else knows better than us that your outfit could determine your overall mood. Slip into perfect fitting, comfy, and breathable workout clothes as they can be an instant mood booster! Few things can get you up and running quite like the right clothes.

Take A Walk

Convince yourself that you just want to take a 10-minute stroll on a cool morning or evening. You’d definitely surprise yourself with how long the walk could get. Even if you decide to turn  back after the stipulated time, it’s still a start in the right direction. Here’s the good part: those calories burn baby, they burn. Just don’t get back home and decide to load up on carbs for energy. Yes, I’m giving you the side-eye.

‌Phone A Friend

The idea of taking walks or going to the gym with your friend(s) while dressed up in your full gear sounds juicy. Think about all the conversations that would go down alongside calories. It could even be your partner, and that’s an automatic bonding time. Wink.

Loosen Up A Bit

Sometimes we set unrealistic fitness goals that end up crippling us because they aren’t flexible enough to allow for other options. Rather than committing yourself to doing 200 sit ups a day, begin with 20. It will surprise you how quickly you smash your goal, and the encouragement you feel afterwards is sufficient fuel to hit 50. Also, endeavor to make working out more of fun time than an obligation.

Watch Fitness Videos

Thankfully, there are lots of fitness experts on social media offering different packages. Search out the one that reverberates with you and get duplicating. If you don’t intend to commit financially in the beginning, there are millions of workout videos available for free on YouTube. Download and save these videos as they come in handy when needed. You could even join a virtual workout class for accountability. This is highly motivating.

Featured image: Andrea Piacquadio | Pexels