Ways To Add Some Life Into Your Home

A luxury home isn’t achieved by accident; it takes a considerable amount of time, effort and funds to create something that not only delights you, but provides you with a space you can be proud of too. As with any updates to your home or garden, you will realise that the job is never quite done, from the day-to-day tidying and cleaning to those occasions where you feel the need for a minor alteration to aim for perfection. To make sure your home is constantly wowing you and your guests and providing you with an interesting, enjoyable and comfortable space in which to reside, consider these nine simple updates to breathe some life into your home.

Add some art

A good piece of artwork can truly set your home apart from the rest, especially if you buy a one-off piece that isn’t replicated in homes everywhere. Artwork comes in many forms, from sculpture to wall murals to a canvas you can hang, and provides the perfect talking point when displayed prominently, whether your guests are a fan or not. The good news is that they don’t have to be, just make sure you pick something true to your style and interests and you will enjoy your special possession for years to come. Try and avoid purchasing any art from large stores unless you want to see neighbours, friends or family members with the same item!

There is no denying that every home looks better with a few plants in it, they add another dimension to your interiors

Vintage furniture

Whatever your interior style, you will be pleased to know that vintage furniture can work in just about any set up. A modern home can look truly unique with a vintage statement armchair in the corner of a room, especially if upholstered in an elegant fabric. Keep an eye out for one off pieces to give your home the wow factor, such as vintage clocks, maps, or appliances (such as a radio) that will add another dimension to your already smart space.

Plants and flowers

As well as art and statement furniture, another good way to breathe some life into your home is to, well, literally bring life into your home. There is no denying that every home looks better with a few plants in it, so if you don’t currently have any, then now’s the time to invest. There’s no limit on how many plants you can have in your house; it’s all about how many you feel you can look after. If you do already have some plants, then you can mix things up by changing their location, just make sure the level of light is what they’re used to. As well as year-round houseplants, a weekly bouquet of flowers can improve the appearance and ambiance of the home no end.

Paint the exterior of your home

When thinking of home improvements, many focus solely on the interiors as most of their time is spent indoors, but the exterior is just as important in creating a home of envy.

We’ll talk about how to improve your front garden later, but one job you should also consider taking on (or hiring a professional) is painting the exterior of your property. It can make a huge difference to your home, taking it from lacklustre to luxury, just try not to go too out there with the colour unless you want to upset the neighbours!

The most effective way to make your home feel like new is to upgrade your interior décor

Replace your windows

Another element of the home that often gets left until the last is the windows, but they can actually have quite a positive impact when switched up for newer versions. Providing improved energy efficiency in your home as well as upping your kerb appeal, new windows throughout can make quite the difference. Just make sure to dress them with stylish curtains and employ a window cleaner to keen them looking as a good as new and you will wonder why you didn’t replace them sooner.

Decor upgrades

The most effective way to make your home feel like new is to upgrade your interior décor. Whether you opt for a new shade of paint on the walls or you fancy a redesign with some new wallpaper you will be spoiled for choice with the plentiful options out there. Of course, the degree to which you redecorate can vary; it may just be one feature wall that requires a facelift or an entirely new colour to greet you, either way it will feel like walking into a new room once you’re finished with it.

Have a clear out

Sometimes, we can freshen the feel of our homes by adding items, but for many, what’s required is a thorough clear out. If you’ve been living in your home for a while, then it’s likely that it’s filled with more items than you need, and the feeling of having too much clutter around can make some people feel a little overwhelmed. If you’re opting for a chic interior then too many items can actually detract from this feeling, so consider having a clear out, if you’re no longer using the item, then you’re not going to miss it! And in the process, you’ll find that your house feels a lot more spacious and it will leave you feeling like a weight has lifted.

front garden

Up your kerb appeal by ensuring you have at tidy and inviting front garden

Up your kerb appeal

What do you see when you arrive home? If you’re anything other than happy with the outdoor space at the front of your house, then it’s time to make some changes. A little bit of landscaping can go a long way and with a little bit of planning and the right professional help, you’ll find that it’s not that difficult to get started on your new project. Whether it’s a new driveway, a new lawn, some new shrubs, plants and lighting to guide you to your door, getting the help of the professionals is highly advised. If you haven’t given your yard too much attention in recent years, then you’ll find that just putting in a little bit of effort can go a long way to improving your home’s kerb appeal.

Restore old appliances

We tend to think that the most important aspect of our home relates to how it looks, but this isn’t always the case. The functionality of the property and its contents are also very important, as if items aren’t working as they should this can cause the odd stressful situation – not what our homes are designed for. There’s no use in spending out big money on kitchen appliances and the like if you aren’t going to keep them in good working order, so consider services or upgrades to any necessary appliances to keep them working more efficiently for longer.