Ways In Which You Can Focus On Yourself For A Positive Season Ahead

With news this week of government restrictions being gently eased across spring, it has filled many of us with hope that an end to lockdowns and a return to normality are on the horizon. Emerging from winter and lockdown simultaneously will no doubt feel, for many, as though they are blooming alongside the spring flowers, and we all need a bit of positive energy after such a tumultuous year. A new season brings with it new, fresh foods that are in their prime, different weather patterns, which impact our everyday lives, and a shift in focus to prepare for the coming months. Where winter is the time for hibernating, spring is the season for blossoming, in many areas of our lives. From a house spring clean to a shift in mindset to a boost in health and wellness, we take a look at some of the ways in which you can focus on yourself for a positive season ahead.

Health and allergies

Those with seasonal allergies will know that March to September can be trying times with tree pollen, grass and weed pollen wreaking havoc on their sinuses. While some people see spring as a time for renewed hope with sunnier days being wholly welcome, others will be dreading the start of a season of sneezing, swollen, itchy eyes, and a scratchy throat. Everyone deserves to enjoy the warmer days that are coming, so if you are allergic to certain elements that spring brings with it then make sure you are stocked up on antihistamines and nasal sprays to help combat your allergies. If you have tried every trick and medication under the sun, then it may be worth considering that something else is at play. An article on BuzzRx takes a look at the common symptoms of allergies and asthma and what to do if you suffer. Read the article for more information and don’t forget to contact your healthcare provider if you feel something more serious may be going on.

Mood elevating exercise

Though you may have taken up regular exercise classes at home via YouTube or Zoom, there’s nothing quite like getting outside in nature and enjoying the benefits of your surroundings. Whether that’s a walk in a park with a friend, a jog along the waterfront or a group class in the great outdoors, the longer and warmer days ahead will provide the perfect arena for your activities. Not only will outdoor exercise encourage you to see a few more people, it will provide a boost of vitamin D, promote better mental health, and will allow you to appreciate the beauty of your natural surroundings. Embrace the lighter mornings by getting your exercise out of the way first thing and find something to do that makes you feel happy and energized for the day ahead.

Fresh foods to feast on

There’s nothing quite as tasty as a freshly pulled fruit or vegetable and spring provides the perfect time to enjoy a great selection of foods to enjoy. Ditch the stodginess of winter and indulge in the likes of kale, spring greens, artichoke, chicory, new potatoes, spinach, spring onions, watercress, sorrel, beetroot, rhubarb and more at their very best. A diet filled with fresh foods will provide you with an array of essential vitamins, minerals, fibre and other nutrients that are essential for good health.

Home and garden happiness

They say a tidy house is a tidy mind and so, for the new season, it makes sense to clear up some of the junk that has been lingering so you can start afresh. Clothes that aren’t being worn and items around the home that are gathering dust can be best put to use by someone else, so grab a box and get rid of anything you aren’t using or don’t plan to use and donate it to charity. Give your home a good spring clean, or better yet, let a professional do this for you, and ensure your garden gets a good spruce up too, so that you can enjoy your private spaces clean and clutter free.