Wax Motif Drops A low-slung R&B-flecked House Music Video, “THRILLS” feat. Jaxon Rose

Fresh off his rave-ready collab, “Need You” alongside Russian duo Phlegmatic Dogs, Aussie sensation Wax Motif dropped the next release pulled from his highly anticipated artist album back in June. He linked up with singer and guitarist of the four-piece Sunrose band, Jaxon Rose, on “Thrills,” a low-slung R&B-flecked house number penned about chasing highs in a hedonistic Hollywood fashion. Today, the music video dropped, reflecting a similar hedonistic high with a theme of doing the most to chase the thrill, produced and directed by Sir John.

“The song always gives me that LA Downtown late-night ‘going home from a party’ feel, and at the time, my life felt really transitional like that, lots of partying, meeting new people and going new places,” says Wax Motif. “On the album, it’s one of the tracks that feels like an important piece of my whole story so far and always makes me feel like it’s my first night out clubbing in Hollywood again.”