Wavedash “Chicago Loop” ft. James Ivy

We should have known that Wavedash and James Ivy would form an excellent team if they ever crossed paths. The good news is that that day has arrived, and their collaboration is wonderful. “Chicago Loop,” their current song, is one of the four musicians’ most emotional and funky tracks. Wavedash are generating some of the glitziest bass music in the world, from glitchy/future bass in tracks like “Dummo Loop” to the synth-heavy cascade of “Stallions.” Their soundtrack has a luster that few electronic musicians can match.

Meanwhile, James Ivy has emerged as one of the most intriguing talents in indie music. If you were paying attention to Porter Robinson‘s Nurture rollout, you might have heard James Ivy’s version of “Something Comforting,” complete with washed-out guitar and superb 90’s boyband vocals. However, his production sounds like an alternative rock resurrection with a fresh appeal, making him one of the year’s most fascinating performers to watch.

They truly exercised their creative powers on “Chicago Loop.” Wavedash and James Ivy create a sadboi house rhythm for their bedroom pop. But it’s when mixed with Ivy’s incredibly personal vocals that the music comes alive. The track’s 80s-inspired percussion and seductive voice manipulation are two factors that contribute to the song’s superb songwriting. It’s the type of music you listen to while dancing in your room because it’s therapeutic.

Wavedash’s debut album, World Famous Tour, was released around a year ago. Five months later, the group resumes the release of new songs. The fresh production suggests that a new body of work is on the way. However, nothing has been formally stated. And James Ivy’s debut EP Good Grief was released in October of last year, followed by a new single eight months later. These young musicians continue to hone their creative and songwriting skills while producing high-quality future bass. Make sure to listen to Wavedash and James Ivy’s “Chicago Loop”!