Wave Racer Stuns With Luxurious Future Hip-Hop Single “Summer Rain”

Just mere weeks ago, Wave Racer made his grand return with “AUTO,” his first release in more than two years. Making his mark with yet another stunning single, “Summer Rain” serves as the debut release for newly formed Astral People Recordings. With his second single of the year tied to the launch of the co-op based independent label, “Summer Rain” officially kicks off a new chapter in Wave Racer’s career.

Enlisting the eclectic flow of Australian hip-hop artist Kwame, Wave Racer dives into the ultra-textured maximalist sounds that first made him an icon in the future bass genre. Catchy and wonky in all the right ways, “Summer Rain” shines with its brilliant, unique soundscapes and refreshing take on future hip-hop that lacks conformity. Wave Racer is back and he’s at the top of his game. Stream Wave Racer’s shiny new single “Summer Rain” via Astral People Recordings below.

I am unspeakably lucky to be creating and releasing music again, and to be doing it with the very same team that has been with me since day one is such a privilege. As managers, Astral People took me from my bedroom to global audiences, and have had the faith and fortitude to stick with me through each and every challenge that has presented itself over the last six years. – Wave Racer

Wave Racer – Summer Rain