Wave Racer Returns With Whimsical Hip-Hop Single “This N That”

Wave Racer stunned with his pair of delicious singles earlier this year. “Auto” and “Summer Rain” revitalized our burning urge for gooey, bubbly future bass and that’s exactly what Wave Racer delivered. Continuing to amaze with his whimsical soundscapes, Wave Racer has blended his vivacious style and hip-hop to create “This N That.” Enlisting rapper LunchMoney Lewis, Wave Racer crafts a pixelated, textured banger. Twisting with ear-grabbing sounds at every turn, “This N That” pops with its autotuned vocals, pitched melodies, and intricate percussion. Stream Wave Racer’s witty new single “This N That” below.

On the production side, there was a vital combination of determination, frustration, and emotion that went into finishing this song, with more revisions, re-writes, do-overs and second-guessing than any song I’ve done before, which I think can be heard in some of the abrasive and distorted tones that intertwine the vocals. As such, I like to think this song’s production represents a growth and a transition between old and new sonic textures for me. – Wave Racer

Wave Racer – This N That (feat. LunchMoney Lewis)