Watch The Flaming Lips Perform In Gigantic Bubbles

Desperate times call for creative solutions and during a world pandemic, some artists are rising to the challenge. While events and concerts are still banned for the foreseeable future, The Flaming Lips have taken an idea that was hatched pre-pandemic and adapted it to bring fans and performers back together.

The Flaming Lips appeared on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert Wednesday night to perform an entire concert from the safety of giant bubbles. With both fans and performers safely trapped in their quarantine bubbles, the concert allowed for not only dancing but relaxed social distance conditions that provided a fun environment in these trying times. While the performance was more a one off, event organizers around the world are looking at the concept with great interest and how it could help an entire industry stave off collapse.

Venues and concert promoters are among the hardest hit during the pandemic and the quicker fans can return to concerts, the faster recovery can begin. Sponsored giant bubbles? led light attachments? the sky is the limit and there is plenty of excitement about The Flaming Lips and their quarantine-proof performance idea. Watch the Flaming Lips bubble performance below:

H/T: Consequence Of Sound