WATCH: German Club Throws Socially Distanced Dance Party in Open-Air

The first show since lockdown took place in Germany last week (Thursday, May 21), as dance music artist Gerd Janson played to a socially distanced crowd. The TakaTuka-run event went down at Coconut Beach in Münster, also featuring Steve Stix, Kai Lorenzen and Thorsten Karger.

Just 100 tickets were sold (and sold out within 15 minutes) for the 2,000-capacity outdoor venue at €70 a pop. According to a report, that price included €21 worth of food and beverages. Organizers have made it clear, once the venue is able to raise capacity, ticket prices for events like these are expected to drop in price.

Janson explained the night in his own words:

Whatever your take on all of this is, part of it is how to deal with it, and how to make things possible again that were taken as a given. Taking all this into account, it went really well: a bittersweet mixture of nostalgia and hope. I had fun and I hope the dancers, too. It felt like a reinsurance that it can go on in some way, shape or form until things can get back to normal.

To be honest, it’s a little eerie playing back footage from the event, as music fans were forced to dance apart with masks on due to safety guidelines. However, this is the reality we are facing as live events begin to reemerge.

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In what might be the first dance party in Europe in months, Gerd Janson played to a small, socially-distanced crowd in Münster last night. We’re speaking with the promoters on how they pulled this one off. More details forthcoming

— Resident Advisor (@residentadvisor) May 22, 2020

Source: Resident Advisor