WATCH: Diplo Shows Off His Gym, Fridge & Squats with His Hen


Even when he’s not on stage, Diplo is a pure bred entertainer — which is exactly why this episode of Gym & Fridge by Men’s Health is so enjoyable. Like a diet version of MTV Cribs, Diplo tours his home oasis with emphasis on his gym and fridge.


This 8-minute 30-second snapshot features the producer in his element, squatting with his hen and showing off yoga moves on his Chanel mat. His home has plenty of space to keep active.

As for his refrigerator, it’s full of raw and healthy foods, fresh eggs and a lot of nutritious liquids. There’s also four bottles of Dom Perignon on deck and a little weed.

The home tour wouldn’t be complete without a look inside the producer’s glorious studio. Diplo provides an inside look at his equipment and instruments, bound to make any artist drool over.

Watch here!

Diplo Shows His Home Gym & Fridge | Men’s Health

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