WATCH: Diplo & BTS Behind-the-Scenes During “Old Town Road” Grammys Performance


Lil Nas X and his massive hit “Old Town Road” stole the show at the 62nd annual Grammy Awards this past weekend — and Diplo was there to document all the behind-the-scenes action. The longest-running No. 1 song in history received a mega on-stage remix with collaborator Billy Ray Cyrus, BTS, Mason Ramsey and Diplo, who traded his decks for a banjo. Each artist played their part to ensure the “Old Town Road” rendition was Grammy worthy. Backstage, Diplo served as a sort of hype man, decked out with a flamboyant outfit and a positive attitude. The footage below shows that moment when he gassed up BTS on their rotating stage.

With so moving parts to this performance, it’s especially awesome to see exactly what was happening outside the spotlight. Leave it to Diplo to capture the moment perfectly! Watch below.

“Old Town Road” @ Grammy Awards

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— Thomas Wesley (@diplo) January 28, 2020