Walshy Fire Releases Phenomenal Debut Album ABENG

Walshy Fire, the MC of Major Lazer, has released his debut album ABENG. Gathering his friends from Africa and the Caribbean, the album bridges the two regions, blending in Walshy’s Caribbean dancehall roots. In fact, the title ABENG refers to a horn instrument brought from Ghana to Jamaica and used by runaway slaves to communicate across long distances. With Major Lazer, Walshy has regularly toured Africa over the last five years — travels which have allowed him to fulfill his dream of uniting his influences from Africa and the Caribbean. ABENG brings together some of the biggest names in afrobeats and afropop with top dancehall, soca and reggae artists from the Caribbean for unique pairings of artists from each region across each track. Stream Walshy Fire’s dynamic debut album below.

Walshy Fire – ABENG