Wafai Envisions The Scandinavian Seashell House As a Museum of Life

Driven by the desire to minimize his design’s carbon footprint, Italian architect, Wafai Envisions is revered for his protean ability to transform any space into what he defines as “a museum of life”.

Inspired by the enchanting curvature of a seashell, Wafai utilizes an environmental and sustainable approach to constructing modern residential projects through the integration of passive cooling, and natural sunlight, as well as, reused and recycled material.

Compartmentalized into three main sections, the Scandinavian Seashell House features open-concept living areas with a kitchen, dining space and living room, plus two bedrooms, baths, an outdoor swimming pool and recreational area. Offering access to a private garden through large, roofless glass cylinders, the living area’s furniture is outward-facing, toward an enormous circular glass window – a deliberate and calculated decision in maximizing relaxation.

Obscuring the boundaries between a perceived indoor and outdoor space, the house is lined with exquisite plant life, further emphasizing the design’s connection with its natural environment.

While the Scandinavian Seashell House is habitable, Wafai Envisions has proposed plans to fabricate the space in a structural system of glulam timber frames filled with natural straw insulation – made entirely out of recycled wood such that each shingle expresses its own unique and distinctive shade to create a complex exterior pattern.