Vote Passes To Decriminalize Magic Mushrooms In Denver

Denver just got a lot more… magical!

A measure just passed to decriminalize psilocybin mushrooms, more commonly known as psychedelic or “magic” mushrooms, in the city of Denver. The same city that happens to boast one of the best venues on earth: Red Rocks.

Initiative 301 allows possession or use of magic mushrooms by individuals who are at least 21. Specific language prohibits “the city from spending resources to impose criminal penalties.” The idea behind this is to keep users out of jail.

“No one deserves to go to jail and lose their family, their livelihood, their jobs for something that has a therapeutic benefit,” said Decriminalize Denver campaign manager Kevin Matthews ahead of the vote.

According to the tally released on Wednesday, this measure passed by just 1,979 votes. The tally will be finalized and officially certified on May 16.

The federal government still classifies psilocybin mushrooms as an illegal drug. However, that hasn’t stopped Colorado in the past.

The state of Colorado became the first to allow recreational marijuana in January 2014. Now, Denver has become the first US city to decriminalize mushrooms. What a historic day!

If interested in learning more about mushrooms, start with the Vice documentary below.

Magic Mushrooms Decriminalized In Denver

Source: KDVR