Viseart Coy Eyeshadow Palette for the Spring of 2019

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The latest palette of 12 VISEART Pro Palette shimmering shades is inspired by the brightly colored prismatic shades seen through the water. Designed with the luxurious, crystalline formula of satin shadow embedded in the iconic SlimPro Magnetic Compact, Coy features a sparkling watercolor finish ranging from sheer coverage to full coverage. This palette is ideal for creating everything from wise looks to artistic effects. This palette of shimmering shades includes bright corals, golds, purples and lilacs as well as phosphorescent blues, greens, lavender and silver.

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Eyeshadow Palette Coy $$ 80.00 (Limited Edition)

Twelve sparkling shades inspired by the bright hues of Japanese koi fish of ornament. Designed to evoke the prismatic dynamism of colors in the water, Coy presents luxurious watercolor finishes in Viseart’s exclusive crystal powder formula. Inspired by the symbolism of the revered fish, the palette celebrates the good fortune, prosperity and tenacity of its bearer.

Viseart Coy Eyeshadow Palette for the Spring of 2019

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